Software Development

Helping businesses integrate into the digital age

Having a strong online presence is more important than ever, and ensuring that technology works when your clients need it most is even more important.

Don’t let run-of-the-mill software make you compromise on how you run your business.

Invest in future

Invest in your future with efficent tools

Only you know your business like you do. Getting your process ideas into a digital format, or a streamlined online presence, can help set up future success. No more need to share sensitive files on a public shared drive in the office, or swap between multiple systems in order to do a single task.

Using software that can use role-based permissions to access certain aspects of your business, and leaning on existing API’s from the software you already use today can allow you to streamline your workflow so you focus less on the management aspects.

Fast from conception to launch process

Reach your end goal faster than you could imagine

The process of writing customized software for your business is a collaborative effort to ensure all of your needs are met. Leaning on years of expertise writing and launching successful projects and start-ups have allowed me to hone-in on the craft, to build and launch your project faster than you could have imagined.

When we are ready to launch, I realize not everyone has their own 24/7 tech operations team to manage servers, upgrades, crashes and backups, which is why we lean on industry-leading hosting platforms that fully manage everything from the release process to scaling to reach your audience whethern it’s a few dozen clients, to a few thousand accessing your product simultaneously.