Projects I’ve been working on lately:

  • Moorpark Film Fest Program/Voting app
    • Stack used:
      • Ruby on Rails
      • Heroku
      • Postgres
    • Description:
      • For our 2nd annual Rotary Club of Moorpark Morning Film Festival, having a digital presence was more important than ever with the presence of COVID, and making sure we are doing everything we can to keep things touch-free.

        We decided that not only were we going to do online voting again, but that we wanted to put more focus into a mobile-friendly experience that would allow visitors of the festival to easily see what’s playing, and what’s up next, along with estimates of start times.

        With Ruby on Rails, I was able to write the software over a few nights in a single week. With Heroku, I was able to scale on professional-grade servers for the application server, and Postgres, and once the festival was done I was able to migrate everything over back to free-tier levels, to where hosting for the event cost less than $2 for the day for rock-solid performance.